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November 19, 2017

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January 9 2017

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you health and the rest will follow.

We would like to thank you, the public who have come seen our show for the past 6 years, exactly 69129.57 times. That's how much money we have raised for Make A Wish. $69159.57

That is impressive. Well done people. Let's see if we can say exactly $80000 in 7 years next Christmas, in 350 days from now....

December 25 2016

Merry Christmas! Please note that starting tonight, the display will run from 6:00pm until 11:00pm each night until the 1st of January. If you would like to help us in adding new items for next year or to help with the upkeep, make sure to visit our GoFundMe page. Every bit counts. Thank you for your support. www.gofundme.com/lincolnlightshow

December 2nd 2016

My bad. I forgot to mention that the display runs every night from the 28th of November until the 1st of January.

The timings are as follow:

Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm until 9:45pm

Friday and Saturday 6:00pm until 11:00pm

 Still accepting donations to improve the show again for next year. We already have plans but it cost money so every little bit counts, trust me. Again, thanks to those who have donated so far. That is why we are able to light the sky again this year. 



 November 27th 2016

We had a trial Friday night to see if everything was running. 99.9% of it is running except one arm of the Nutcracker. The arm is inside the house for repairs but it  won't keep the display from running.

The timings are as follow:

Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm until 9:45pm

Friday and Saturday 6:00pm until 11:00pm

There are 3 shows with some different songs. Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday is one,  Monday and Wednesday is the second one, and Friday/Saturday night is the third one. Some songs will only play on certain nights and those who have the most beats and busiest sequence might repeat a bit more. Other than that, enjoy the show and thanks for coming!

We are still looking for corporate sponsors but want to thank those who have donated through our GoFundMe page. Truly appreciate your gesture.


  October 22 2016

 Well we are getting closer to the big setup for Christmas. We do miss Halloween as it was a different setup but time is precious as is money required to keep the show running and fresh. We will have 51468 lights this year. We are really starting to look like the Fremont Street Experience in Vegas. Just on a smaller scale with lot smaller budget. November 28 will be here faster than we think!!!

June 28 2016

As of today, we are 180 days away from Christmas. We are now acquiring lights for the new item being added to the display. For anyone still wondering why this is an expansive hobby, in lights alone for this addition, I am already at $1121.46 and this doesn't include the metal required as well as wire to connect everything. This is the main reason we need a sponsor to help us out. We'll pay for power but outside of that, we can't continue without support. We need help. Also right now, we think Halloween might be totally off the books. Even though it has less lights, it is almost the same cost to operate as Christmas as we don't have too many LED lights for Halloween. Without sponsors, we have to sacrifice somewhere in order to continue.

I would like to thank all those who have given either in person or through gofundme, for your generous donations to help us in extending the life of the display.

This weekend, we saw Jack, a 11 year old boy get his wish granted. We saw the eyes on that brave little boy light up as much as a Jedi light saber. You see, his wish was to have a Star Wars theme bedroom. It was an amazing sight, boy and room altogether! Now if only I can convince Catherine in doing the same thing for our bedroom.


June 10 2016

Due to cervical surgery done this May, there will be no Halloween display this year. Instead, we will concentrate our efforts and little money for the Christmas display.

We are still looking for sponsors. If anyone in the Lincoln or Fredericton area would like to help us in our quest to make wishes come true for the kids in Make A Wish, please contact us by clicking the Contact Us tab.

Also, Catherine and I have been awarded a Spirit Award from Make A Wish. Many thanks to those who have come to our displays and support our fund raiser.



January2nd 2016

Happy New Year everyone! It is now 7:35 in the morning and I am on my way out to start taking the display down. Is this the last time that I will do so? I have no idea. Our Gofundme and cash donations that we received from people totals less than 4% of our goal. No news from any big corporations or big sponsors. That's all I can say. Heartbroken...



We now have a GoFundMe campaign going on to help us make the show bigger but mostly, to keep it going.


Happy 5th Anniversary!!! Dec 13 2015

We are 5 years old!!! Tonight, we had volunteers from Make A Wish as well as Braden, the kid we are sponsoring this year, and his family. They all helped us celebrate the 12 days of Christmas where we stand outside, Catherine, myself and Lorraine (deer) our helper, handing out candy canes to all who drops a donation in our box.

We had an awesome feel good moment tonight. This cute little girl, Janaya 7 years old, wanted to give her own personal money to the Make A Wish foundation. She didn't know whom she was helping so I asked her if she wanted to see him. I took her picture beside Braden. Here we have a kid helping another kid. You can't have a better story than this. Thanks Janaya .


Thank you to all those who not only give us donations for our fundraiser but also to help us in either our electric bill or getting lights. Every little bit counts. This has grown so big that it is costing us a fortune and if everyone gave us money to help us out, it will ensure that we continue for many more years. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. We like doing this show for kids of all ages but funds are important as there is a lot of wear and tear on the lights. We would hate letting this go away...

Also thank you for cookies and such that people drop us. It really makes our Christmas even more enjoyable.

We are still looking for sponsors. Please read the November 26th heading for more info and note the timings for the light show below!


NEW: November 30th 2015

We are open for business!!! We had the show running tests last night and we had a few brave souls come out and watch the unpolished performance. I am also happy to note that we have in fact, passed 47000 lights!!! The wreath which was causing us grief has been modified and unknowingly, we added over 2000 lights by changing from regular lights to ropelight. And let me tell you, they are BRIGHT!!!

Operating Hours:

Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm till 9:45pm

Friday and Saturday 6:00pm till 11:00pm

We have 3 different playlists as we try to keep the show looking different each night. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, is one, Monday and Wednesday is two, Friday and Saturday is the third one.

We are still looking for sponsors. See below. Thanks.

LATEST: November 26th 2015

We are in the last stretch before going live. As it stands right now, we are confident at 90% that we will be live for the 30th, which is this coming Monday. Tomorrow night, we will be doing light test to make sure the proper channels are connected to the right lights. Lots of fun. NOT!!! There is always something that goes wrong.

Now comes a plea: If there is any organisation or business that would like to sponsor us in what we do, it would be greatly appreciated. This is starting to be way too expansive for us. Due to crappy lights that are being sold nowadays, we had to get at the last minute, $500 worth of lights to replace them. That and the surprise web site invoice of almost $400 to be paid before the 10th of December, we won't be able to keep the lights on for long.So I beg of you, if you want to help, please contact us through the contact link on the left. We have never taken any money from the donations to pay for anything and I would rather shut the whole thing down than to do this. Just not in us to do such a thing.

We have in the past had people give us more money aside from the donations and tell us to use it for our power bill or something, but we were all right then. 5 years later, situation has changed big time.


UPDATE: November 8th 2015

We have 60 percent of the Christmas display up. There is still LOTS of work left to do before we can turn it on. We were hoping November 24th but as of right now, it looks more like the 30th of November. We just have too much left to do. 45000+ lights this year is taking longer than before.

Catherine and I would like to thank Marco, Xavier, Xandre, Danielle and Zoe for their help in setting up this weekend. Without their help, we would be maybe 5% done which means we would have to start setting up in July!!!

We also know who we will sponsor this year for our 5th season in doing the display in support of Make A Wish, Atlantic Area. The little boy, Braden, 7, from Fredericton, will be our star! His wish is to hold an owl in his hands and fly like Harry Potter on a broom. Can't wait to meet him in person.

Keep reading this web page for any changes regarding timings or events about the display. Until then, thanks again for your support over the years.


UPDATE: September 29th 2015

The Halloween display is all set but as per normal, there are technical problems. On top of that, they are calling for LOTS ofrain for the next few days so it won't help the display at all. We thought we might have it running for the 1st of October but it won't happen. Instead, we are aiming for the 2nd, which is Friday night.

Show will run Sunday to Thursday 7:30 until 9:30 and Friday-Saturday, from 7:30 until 11:00. As the night get darker sooner, we will move the start of the show gradually around 6:00 but it will be a few weeks before it happens.

UPDATE: September 9th 2015

Well, today was the refit of Jigsaw. Happy to say he has risen back from the dead. Last year, rain had killed the driving mechanism of its tricycle and stopped working 1 week after being in the light show. Now, I have added a new motor, chain driven and its wheels are hooked on a snowblower auger which is used as a transmission. sounds confusing? Come see the show when it runs (hopefully 1st of October) and if I'm outside, I'll be more than happy to show you how I did that.

Also, today I got 346 feet of rebar which will be used mostly in the Christmas show. Have to build something extra so I can past the 45000 lights instead of the 44420 that I have added this summer. Lots of work left to do...Gotta go back to building!!!!!

SAD UPDATE: August 2nd 2015

Shortly after I had done the update below, Lincoln Light Show has lost one of the biggest supporter of our lights. He was the man that would send loads of cars to our display and tell everyone how huge and nice it was. He was so proud of our display and now, he won't be seeing it from the same angle. That man was Alfred Blizzard, Catherine's father and my father in law. To honor his memory, this year at the Christmas show, I will sequence one song that he sang to us each year: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

Alfred ol' chum, you were the best father in law a man could have. Rest in peace my friend, as your suffering is now over.

Dany xxx

SMALL UPDATE: August 2nd 2015

Just for the fun of it, I added the new lights to see where we are in the total lights. As it stands right now, we will have 44420. Kinda bummed as I want 45000 for this year. I'll think of something before the big show opening at the end of November.....

NEWEST UPDATE: July 27 2015

Well it has been a long time since the last update. We have been busy making new plans for the 2015 season. Today we ordered what we need for lights and will be making new forms. Nutcracker will yet have another upgrade (mother nature is hard on the LEDs Nutcracker requires) so this will be Nutcracker version 3.0 . Hopefully this is the last update for him. Way too much time and energy for him.

For the Halloween show, Jigsaw will have also an update. New gears for his tricycle. Last year, he didn't work after 2 weeks in the rain. Now if all goes well, he will have a snowblower auger transmission so there should be lots of traction for him.

Other than that, we are still at it. We liked LED lights so much that we now have some on the house that will work throughout the year. You can't miss is if you happen to be in the area...



Happy New Year!!! News for January 4th

Well we have passed the 11000$ mark! Not sure of the exact amount as we have no access to the text donations. Once I find out, I'll post it here.

Many thanks to all of those who have come to see our show and support our cause. With your viewing and our show, together we can make a difference in a kids life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rest assured. We are already planning for the Halloween and Christmas displays as it will be here in no time. We are afterall, only 354 days awayfrom Christmas!!!!

For those who didn't have the chance to see the new songs for the display, here they are:

The Hat I got for Christmas is too beeg - Mel Blanc

White Christmas - The Drifters

Updated News for December 28th

As it stands right now, I think we have passed what we made last year. Big thanks to all of the people who contributed to our fund raiser. The show will run until January 1st so we still have a few days left for those who haven't seen it or would like to see it again.

Also, here is a link for the newly uploaded video from our 2014 Halloween display. This is the first time I have had to trim the video. Enjoy. Video link here

Latest News December 23rd

Many thanks to all the VERY patient people that have come to see our show. We really appreciate your time to come and see our now very popular show. Also a big thank you to all the people that have given us candies, chocolates, home baked goods and then some. Really appreciate your gifts, be it gifts, goodies or words of kindness. Really means a lot to us. Merry Christmas!

Please note that from now until the 1st of January, the light show will play from 6 until 11 each night.


Other News December 1st

We are now only 24 days before Christmas! We have had a rough start. The weather goes from no snow to almost a foot, to -17 at night to +6 the next day and then back to freezing. My gosh Mother Nature, what have I done to be punished so much? So far, we have had fire in one controller, the software is as temperamental as never seen before, quite discouraging if you ask me. We have had so many problems that we just haven't been able to keep up with the repairs or sequencing. In all fairness, only I can do that while Catherine takes care of the supper, lunches and so on.

To those who have come by so far, I apologize for the not so big lightshow. I am working as fast and as hard as I can to make it better before this upcoming weekend. And yes, we do have a few new songs with 2 already playing on certain days, White Christmas by The Drifters and for the kids, the very popular Let It Go from the movie Frozen. Hope to see you at our show!

Display will run during these times:

November 26th-January 1st

Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm until 9:30pm

Friday-Saturday 6:00pm until 11:00pm


News Update Nov 26th 2014

It's official, we are now running! Late last night after fixing the few big technical problems (actually the biggest ones were fixed today) we now are running the show. Having said that, the show is not running the latest 2 additions yet. I am now in the process of sequencing a song for them to sing....dang, I said too much already! Hopefully if all goes well, we will have them singing this Friday or Saturday at the latest.

I just did a calculation of the lights these 2 added to the display. You are reading it here for the first time, even before my wife. We now have exactly 40652 lights !!! That's 5652 more than last year! Also, I am awaiting more lights from New Mexico and that will actually add up to exactly 41210 lights !!!! Wow. I guess we went crazy again this year. Wink

Display will run during these times:

November 26th-January 1st

Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm until 9:30pm

Friday-Saturday 6:00pm until 11:00pm

Starting December 13th until the 24th, we will be greeting and giving out candy to all of those who will come see our display. This year, we are sponsoring Damon, a 4 year old boy from Riverview. He wants to be a zookeeper for a day. Let's make this happen together. Your donations for enjoying the light show will make it happen like the past 3 years we'vee been doing this. Thank you for your generousity..

Update Nov 23rd 2014:

This update is about good news and bad news. Good news is that the display is all up and ready to go, well almost. The bad news is that it won't start until maybe Wednesday or Thursday this week (Nov 26 or 27). Due to unforeseen electronical problems, we can't turn the display on the 24th like it was supposed to be. Please come back on this web site to see any new updates. Thank you for your understanding.

New Update Nov 9th 2014

As of today, the display for Christmas is 90% installed and setup. Thanks to my friends Xavier, his little brother Xandre, Sabrina, Marco and Line, and my other half, we have managed to put up the display in record time. The weather was cooperating (for once) and everything went good even though we had a few glitches here and there.

The Nutcracker version 2.5 and the new addition, the ###### will be added later and if all goes well, the 24th of November will be our first night to turn it on until the 1st of January. We already have our Christmas candies and candy canes ready to be handed out to our audiences. I will let you know who we will be sponsoring this year in a later update. Thanks for tuning in!!!

Latest Oct 19th 2014

Well, this weekend , we managed to fix a few more lights, yet again, Nutcracker will have an upgrade so that will make him Nutcracker version 2.5 if all goes well.

We have fantastic news: Wondering what I could do with an LED ropelight, as in can it be cut to suit my needs, I decided to buy a 25 foot section. Friday night, not knowing if it was possible, I said to myself, "The only thing that could happen is it will be destroyed and I will have lost 23$." Well it didn't get destroyed. After cutting it in lengths that I wanted, the only thing which is a bummer is that I will require to build a voltage regulator for every section I cut. This means I have to add 5 tiny pieces of electronics to each section I need. As if I had lots of time left...

Anyway, the fantastic news is since I can cut LED ropelight and make something, we will after all, add something new to the Christmas display. Catherine is pretty happy that we will be able to make something at the last minute to impress the crowds again this year. I'm not sure how many more LEDs that will add but it might be a few more 1000's. Building of the item starts next weekend!!!!!

Update Oct 2nd 2014
Well it is official. We now have the Halloween Display up and running since last night. We had very small problem but was quickly fixed. We already had maybe half a dozen cars coming so it is a good start.Hours of operation will vary depending on how quickly darkness will come but generally speaking, from Sunday to Thursday, it will be around 7:45pm until 9:45pm.

Friday to Saturday, from 7:45pm until 11pm. We added lights to our trees for the first time in 3 years for Halloween. Sure looks nice.

Hope to see you at our display!

Happier News Update Sept 18 2014

To start with, I would like to thank all those who have sent us well wishes in respect with our rough situation. We are standing tall once again in part with the moral support expressed by your emails and we will not let Mother Nature ruin our parade.

We have been busy renovating the basement and this past weekend, we have been looking and repairing all the lights that had been broken due to the freezing rain we got between Christmas and New Years past. There was more damage than previously written. For example, on one mini mega tree with purple lights, out of 16 strings of lights, 2 were functional. The other 14 had wires pulled out of the light sockets which couldn't be fixed. I had to cut the broken lights and add new ones from a working string to fix the broken ones. I call the supply light, the sacrificial lamb of our display. With it, I will be able to fix the other broken ones.

However, with all that renovation and fixing of the lights, our shows won't have any new added items BUT, I will change stuff around and add/fix a few more songs. To all of those who support our charity and who have been coming for the past 3 years, many thanks for your contributions. Don't forget to tell your friends and family so they too, can have lightfull memories of our display.

This weekend, we will be starting to set up for the Halloween display which will run (hopefully) from October 1st until October 31st.

Thanks again and hope to see you at our displays!!!

Happier Dany


Sad News Update July 12 2014

Thanks to wrath of Tropical Storm Arthur , he had taken the power from our house and left 5 inches of water behind, in our basement. Of course we were not here when that happened so imagine our shock when we went in our basement. One of the major casualties were the new lights that were going to be used in this years display . They are of the newer kind which are removable but that is a curse. Their contacts are made of 2 different metals so they corrode quicker especially in flood waters

We were going to start building the new fixture for the Christmas display but right now, we are not sure what we are going to do. This punch plus the awful weather we got last December, has created one hell of a toll on our lights. We have about 10 percent damages on our strings of light which most can't be repaired cause they are of the older kind (which were the best).

Catherine and I are just discouraged with the whole thing. We work very hard and try our very best to bring you, our fans, a light show to ironically, forget about our daily troubles and enjoy a show which is fun for the whole family. We will lose a lot of money in this fiasco as our insurance says we were not covered for this type of mishap. I guess it would have been better if it had burnt since then they would have paid. Been with them for over 22 years never claimed anything and no help from them. Oh well, no need to dwell on this since the damage has been done and there is nothing I can do.

Right now, we have no idea what will happen with the show. One computer has been damaged (the laptop used to tweak the show outside in the yard), many lights need to be repaired, no time to build anything new and so on. Keep an eye out on this site to see what will happen. Only time will tell for sure.

Heart broken Dany


Latest Update (April 28th)

This is Monday, 2 days after we finally finished picking up the extensions cords, put away Nutcracker ver 2.0 and the Christmas Ball. Sure looks weird not having to stare at any Christmas decorations. Although there are still many to see on my street. What are they waiting for? Are they waiting for me to set an example? Ours are ALL gone now so come on people. Time to put them in storage. OR better yet, if you have LED lights you want to get rid of, it will be my pleasure to get them off your hands for you. Laughing


Almost Easter Update (April 9th)

Well as of today, there are 260 days left before Christmas. There is still over 4 feet of snow covering the 3000+ feet of extension cords, Nutcracker still up (feel like turning him on when I see snow falling at this time of year) the Christmas ball is also still up,along with many other items that were just stuck in ice back on the 2nd of January. At the pace the snow is falling versus the time it was supposed to melt, I almost doubt if Spring and/or summer will even be here so the display might stay up all year afterall. Less work for us to put it back up. Surprised

Seriously though, we are still preparing for a bigger show this Christmas but first, Halloween will see a new character added to the display and maybe something else which would be a first in this area. I still don't know how the ######## would work in the cool or damp times of fall. I'll have to experiment soon with it. If it doesn't work, I will tell you what it was. If it does work, you'll have to wait until Halloween display goes up on the 1st of October!!!!


New Year Update:January 7th

Happy New Year everybody! Hope 2014 will bring you health and happiness.

The display is all down except the Nutcracker: he is stuck in ice. The rest is all stored away and oh boy, was there ever breakage. The freezing rain we got before Christmas has made a thick ice crust and the 30 or so cm we got right after, made weight on top of that ice and whatever light that was caught in the ice, broke. We have about 10% damage. This is a major blow to our display. We might or might not have a bigger display next year since we have to fix about 60 or so strings of light. Many of the colors that are broken can't be found anymore. We are so discouraged that it isn't funny. All that time and money that we spend to make a show gets broken and this is money we don't have much to start with. On top of that, the weather hasn't been cooperative at all so we are far from our usual 13K$ we like to reach. This year, we made 9728.75$ and if we count Halloween , we barely passed 10000$. Thank you everybody that came to see the display and donate for Make A Wish. We will never be thankful enough for your generousity.

Now I am asking for your help. I know it is cheap to do so but I am desperate. If you know someone who has LED lights in extra and would like to donate them for a good cause, please think of us. We will take whatever people can give. We have too many lights to fix and any new ideas that we want to add for your pleasure will be non existant without your help. If you like the shows to get bigger, you know what to do. Thank you for your help. Now that we are in the full second week of January, we are already getting ready for Halloween and Christmas. It comes faster than you think.


Latest Update:December 28th

Well mother nature has been anything but helpful this year. She has kept the crowds away, she rained on our show for too long, she has practically buried our show under 4 feet of snow. Thanks for nothing Diva. Hope you get nothing for Christmas next year. To make matters worst, right in the half way part of the show last night, we ran out of power. I must say we were lucky and truely sympathize with the other clients of NB Power who have lost (some still out of power) their power. The donations are very low this year due to really bad weather.

I do however want to thank all those who have come to our show so far. Your generousity is exemplary! Without you people, we would only have a show. With your help, we have a show bringing hope, joy and strength to kids that have life threatning sicknesses. On their behalf, I would like to thank you for your help in making the Lincoln Light show, what it is.

We were also out yesterday to buy Christmas lights for next years display. Leave it to Fredericton to have very little stock of certain colors. I would love to buy locally but when I have no choice but source them out of the province, I can't help it. I wish businesses would consult me and I would tell them what works and what doesn't. I won't name the business we went to yesterday but offering 10% off for out of season item, this is not a deal. Bah Humbug to you. Alibaba, here I come !

News Update:December 6th

We have had problems since the very first day we started this year. Things are flashing or going off when they should or shouldn't. This week's weather has left a mark on our show. Snow is not a problem. Rain on top of snow, not so-good. We think we have fixed most problems so don't be afraid to come see our show. We run the show from Sun-Thur 6-10pm and Fri-Sat 6-11pm.

News FLASH: November 27th: To all of those who came to see the show last night, I am very sorry for the crash and lack of show. I have NO idea what caused it but took every precaution to make sure it won't (can't be 100% sure) happen again. I even went as far as reformatting my whole computer to make sure no gremlins were left behind. I might be running the latest software (although it is still in BETA format) in hopes that it won't crash again. We are not running the show tonight due to very wet front lawn. That causes lights to light up on its own. Not good.

Also, PLEASE DO NOT WALK AROUND DISPLAY. Someone did that last year and it could have been very dangerous to the person (kid) walking around where cables and electricity lay down. Not mentioning the fact that one could trip in a controlling cable and destroy the show for everyone. Thanks for your understanding.


Freshest News Update: November 24th:

Well, after a month and 4 days later of no news, we are turning the show on on Monday November 25th until the 1st of January. This year, instead of 28000+ lights, we have passed the 35000+ mark!!! Also, the Nutcracker looks nicer due to a revamp of his lights. There are at least 300 more lights just on him. We have something different this year for Julie's trees (our neighbor). Instead of regular lights, we have flood lights flashing the huge maple tree. It was in the back of the house last year but since the front had so many lights, you couldn't really see the effect. Wait till you see the ...well you'll have to come to our show to see what is new. Wink

For Halloween, we almost made $1300 which will go towards granting the wish of Miranda from Norton, New Brunswick.

Miranda lives with a rare and life-threatening condition, systemic juvenile arthritis (JA. ) Once very active in soccer and volleyball, Miranda is now limited by the effects of her disease. Like most children with systemic JA, she lives with severe joint pain and swelling, high fevers and rashes over her body. Most living with this disease anaemic and develop severe arthritis in many joints that persists into adulthood. A common side effect is eye inflammation causing glaucoma, scars and cataracts.The ever-present danger with systemic JA is the possibility and onset of inflammation of the organs such as the liver, spleen lymph nodes or pericardium (the tissue surrounding the heart) all of which can be fatal. Her most cherished wish is a family trip to Hawaii, to ease the pain of her joints in the warm waters of the blue Pacific. Thank you to all of those who helped us in raising that money. We still have Christmas to go....


Latest News Update October 20th: Well this weekend was very busy. We finally managed to update the Nutcracker by adding more lights to it. We'll call him Nutcracker Version 2.0. The lights that were on it last year did not stay on good or had started to fade. This time, all the lights will be removed from him for easy storage at the end of the show. We still have to finish up the new item which will be....sorry. It won't be revealed until November 25th. Less than 26 days away.....Wink

NEWSFlash October 4th: Holy cow! again 3 months without an update. Not good. Anyway, just a quick note to let you know (for those who still come hereEmbarassed) that the Halloween display is now up and running as of the 1st. Timings are as follows: Sundays and weekdays, from 7:45pm (earlier as it get darker at the end of the season) till 9:45pm and Friday-Saturday from 7:45-11:00pm. If it is a windless night, there will be a surprise item that is not there if the wind is too high. Gotta been seen to believe it. As of today, there are 54 days before the Christmas display gets lit up and 36 days before we start setting it up. Time flies!!!!


Latest News July 15: Has it been 3 months since the last update? My gosh. I must be slacking...actually, I'm not. I can't do much due to neck injury. This has been with me since November 26th last year and hasn't gone anywhere. Anybody for free neck injury? I am willing to let it go for free. Pills included!!!!

Seriously, even though I can't do much right now, we are still gathering stuff for the Christmas display as well as new ideas for the Halloween. My Korean War Vet (Salute to all Veterans out thereWink!) neighbor wanted to help us the best he since I am useless at the moment so I told him I neede some rebar to be chopped up in specific lengths and that what he did with Catherine helping. The Nutcracker is getting a refit since all the lights that were on him have been destroyed by mother nature. The lights were not meant to be put on him the way they were and didn't stand the rough weather. The new refit portion will be removable pieces so it can be stored after the season.

The Halloween tree might be gone this year only to be replaced by.....well can't tell you yet as it is still in planning stages. Besides, I wouldn't tell ya anyways. Buggar!Tongue out

Good friend of ours gave us 10000 zip ties!!! You read that right . 10000 (Ten Thousand). His family believes in our cause for raising money for Make A Wish and wanted to help us by donating the very precious item in our displays. He doesn't want to be recognized for it but I thank him big time on behalf of the happy faces that will see our display either for the first time or for the 100th time this year.

That's all for now but things will come in place one way or another or I am not Dany.....


Yet, Another Update April 29: Well, we finally got our item for Jigsaw. We had received part of the order a few months ago but the item wouldn't work like I thought. To start with, the item operated from 120v and I would rather keep Jigsaw running on 12v for many reasons. One of them being that I would hate seeing him pedal with his head on fire or something. It sure would look cool but the effect would be for a one night only and last maybe 10 minutes. Not good.

Forgot to mention that on April 7th, 2 of the kids that we sponsored for their wish to come true, happened on the same weekend.

Kaitlyn wanted a 3D TV so she could touch the fishes fly by as well as a laptop computer for when she would be at the hospital for treatments. When she arrived at her house to see what was waiting for her, her eyes lit up like our display and I'm sure her jaw hit the floor. She was super excited and happy to see her new TV and surround sound system. It didn't take long that she sat in her tiny comfy chair, popcorn in one hand, 3D glasses on and she was out of this world.

EJ, our fine story telling little boy met his match. Well sort of. He wanted to meet no one else but John Cena of the WWE. I have seen pictures of EJ beside John Cena and let me tell you, I had a hard time picking who was bigger at that moment. He sure was gleaming and all grins with John. I wasn't there but I'm sure he must of had an awesome time with the WWE superstars.

Everytime we get to hear or see the joy we bring to the kids we support, makes us appreciate the Light Show and what it brings to them even more. As long as my health stays good and that Catherine believes in my wild dreams of making the Light Show bigger each year, I will try to sponsor as many kids as possible. These kids will one day afterall, pay my pension when I retire for good!!!


News Again (March 28)

Today, we received our professionally made jingles for the Christmas Show. Instead of a computer generated voice, we have Demeneted Elf Productions creating some good and funny jingles for us this year. They have bits of humor and facts about our display. Also, this year, for those with RDS in their car (Radio Data System), you will be able to see some writing on your radio, if I can manage to understand the software for it...Embarassed

Good News (March 6)!!!: Well we got the replaced item yesterday. So far, as far as I know, it is complete and no broken pieces! It will be added on the Christmas Show this year. It will be added to the structure that we have to make this summer along the other new items that will be added to the Halloween show. Lot's of work coming up.


Other News (Feb 28)

We finally have the new item on its way to us. Hopefully this time, it won't arrive here in tiny pieces again. We also have on the way, tiny parts for the Halloween display. The idea came from a spectator that had seen Jigsaw and asked why he couldn't do a certain thing. Well since I didn't have the proper equipment or parts to do so, Jigsaw was limited to what you saw was what you got. Once I get the part, it will be put on him to make him look "spookier." More to follow on that one.Wink

If you are still reading this almost 2 months after the show has come down. Thank you. I have this web page to keep our fans of the show, in the loop of what we are doing. Feel free to contact us and let us know why you are still following this web page or even to give us your opinion or ideas that you might like to see. Who knows, maybe we'll add it to our show to keep it fresh and not just the same old same old. Thanks again!

Latest News (Feb 6)

Well we got one item for the Christmas display from a supplier in China, however, it arrived broken. Now we have to wait until after the Chinese New Year to get a new one. Not sure how it will work in the cold.


Well we ordered things for the Christmas display. We have 4000 new lights just for it but some other items need to be cleared through agencies. I'm not saying who or else it will spoil the surprise. We are also building plans for the Halloween display. Catherine has many awesome ideas but she kindly lets me handle the technicalities of things like making this or that work, adding this with these things that could go like this and so on. I'm not saying any of the ideas we are adding. Only those who will have contacted us and left their email will be the first ones to know about it when the time comes. Wink

Another Update: The videos from the display are now up. I just added the best ones. At the bottom of that page, you can see the access to my YOUTube account. Just click on it and it will bring you to other videos.

To see the videos, just click on the link on the left side of this page or click here.

Also, don't forget. If you want to be informed of when we will be putting up the Halloween and Christmas display, make sure you "contact us ." That way, you won't forget to see both of them. With what we have planned for both, it really isn't to miss!

Big Update: I have to thank everyone who have helped us raise exactly 13399.50$ !!!!

Without your generosity, this would not have been possible. Thank you to my community for their patience and understanding of this wonderful cause that we support, Allen Candy for some of the candy canes that we distributed to all the people who donated, Pro Simms Harware for letting us buy lights throughout the year, Ian and Don at Best Metal for their help in getting rebar and other metals for the fabrication of our giant singing nutcracker and Christmas Ball, Melissa at Sign FX for the donation of the traffic signs, Steven Hayes in making sure we had a controlled traffic route this year, CBC in putting our show on the map.Thank you to anyone who have helped us, Rob, Tina, Lorraine, her son Matt and all of those who I can't remember at the moment.

By the way, since we started raising money for Make A Wish, we have been able to get exactly 27876.78$ in 2 years. Again, thank you very much to all of those who contributed. I will never say it enough.

Dany and Catherine , owners of the Lincoln Light Show

PS: Wait until you see what we are planning for this year's Halloween and Christmas. We will knock your socks off!Wink



Newer than before : Well we have passed the 11000$ mark! Many thanks to everybody that have contributed to make this happen. We still have 4 more night counting this one(Saturday Dec 29th). We might reach our goal. The generosity of the people who came to see our display again this year is just simply amazing. I can't thank you enough on behalf of the children who will benefit from these donations.


Even newer : Merry Christmas everyone! To all of those who have come to see our show and donated to our charity, I say to you "Thank you 10000 times!"

Yes, as of last night, Christmas Eve, we have just passed 10000$ for our charity, the Make A Wish foundation. We are ,oh so very close, to beat our amount last year that I think we can still make it. We have the display on until January 1st, the last day it will be up. For those who haven't seen it, you can help us reaching our goal of beating the amount by 1$ if you come to see our show. If you think it was worth watching it, by all means, show your support. If not, I still thank you very much for you taking the time to come and see it.


Newer: Last Thursday, we had one BIG surprise! On top of having the wonderful trio of Melissa, Joyce and Daphne from the Make A wish Atlantic area headquarters, we also had EJ's family stop by! We had no clue that they had been invited to assist our 1 year celebration of helping Make A Wish foundation with our display!

It was good time for all. We sure will never forget that night. Thanks guys for coming over. It was greatly appreciated. Below is the picture of us, on a cold night, posing for memories to come. Unfortunately, missing in the picture is EJ's mom. She was behind the camera. Wink


New: On Thursday December 13, join us to celebrate 1 year of partnership with Make A Wish foundation! Reps from the Atlantic Area will be joining us in handing out candy canes to all of those who will be coming to see the display. We'll be outside at 6:30, time that the show begins. See you there!

We finally made one. A web page that is!

Many people were asking me if we had one but now, it is a reality.

Again this year, our display is on for your enjoyment.

Hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday 6:30pm-10:00pm

Friday 6:30pm-11:00pm

Saturday 6:00pm-11:00pm

Sunday 6:00pm-10:00pm

The show is about 15-20 minutes and repeats until the night is over. Every second day, the show repeats so if you come with your friends on a Monday night, the following night will be a different show.

Tune your car radio to 94.9 FM to "hear" the lights!

We will be collecting free will donations for our charity of choice, the Make-A-Wish foundation, Atlantic area. This year, we will support a very cute little fella, EJ. We had the chance to meet him and his family this past October and it was a treat. We had great time and am looking forward for the next time he will be coming to visit us.

Merry Christmas and thank you for taking the time to visit our show and help us in making a difference in a child's wish to come true.

Dany and Catherine "Mr. and Mrs. Lights"